Redefine the boundaries of cybersecurity in healthcare systems with Software


Global Experts in Cybersecurity​

We offer our experience in improving the cybersecurity of medical devices by ensuring proper data encryption and protection from cyberattacks. With the increase in the use of Internet of things (IoT) devices in healthcare, it is important to provide a secure system for all your devices.
We help you avoid development and post-market risks and vulnerabilities by working with a team of experts that bring modern cybersecurity features to your medical device.
We help our customers to ensure content integrity, data confidentiality, best-in-class user and device authentication and overall security. Our processes are FDA and MDR compliant.

We provide the following cybersecurity services

recognition of vulnerabilities

Recognition of vulnerabilities

By analyzing all interfaces and elements of your device, we identify potential vulnerabilities against targeted medical data like Protected Health Information (PHI), financial records, Personal Identifying Information (PII) and other digital properties in the field of medical research and healthcare as a whole.
mitigation strategy

Mitigation strategies

By employing mitigation strategies like incident response planning, risk management analysis, role-based access control, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), backup and restoration options and training of health workers we can provide full-proof security for your business.
risk analysis

Risk analysis

As experts in cybersecurity, we appraise risk mitigations by assessing the functionality of your device, and its pattern of use.

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