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Who We Are?

The top-tier medical software and cybersecurity provider
We are an absolute service, top-tier medical software solutions provider with a focus on improving the patient life with innovative and secure solutions.
Founded in 2015 as a medical device consultancy company, D.med Software set off to expand the boundaries of innovation and research in the medical device software industry by developing and generating state-of-the-art software solutions and cybersecurity features for MedTech manufacturers.
As a team of leading-edge developers, we have built international expertise in creating healthcare-based software solutions for world-class customers. Our skilled workforce is comprised of experienced talents that are ready to harness their wealth of knowledge to bring your projects to life through the application of contemporary frameworks and tools, and to ensure medical devices are as safe and secure as technologically possible implementing modern cybersecurity features.
Through effective partnerships with renowned clients in the MedTech industry and continuous communication with patients, we have been able to develop various medical software solutions that are customized for a wide range of users and can be personalized for individual preferences. We are compliant with FDA and IEC 62304 compliant guidelines and our common goal for every project is to provide cutting-edge modern software solutions and overall market success for our clients.
Meet our cybersecurity and software experts

Management Team

We are a Cybersecurity and software professionals’ team

Our team comprises experts that are well-versed in driving robust cybersecurity features and software solutions like firmware development, software documentation and other expertise required for modern solutions in medical devices.

Comprising cybersecurity experts, medical device developers, embedded software engineers, certified project managers, Cloud & Web/ Desktop Application Software developers and electronic developers, the D.med Software team is an encapsulation of engineering talents dedicated to developing quality software solutions for medical devices.

Sven-Axel Krentorz

Sven-Axel Krentorz

Gerd Breuch

Chief Technology Officer – D.med Healthcare Group

Gerd Breuch
Alessandro Vitiello

Alessandro Vitiello

Head of Software Engineering

Luis Barrios

Technical Lead – Software Engineering

Luis Barrios
Alejandro Torres

Alejandro Torres

Project Manager & Business Developer

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We are dedicated to hiring diverse talent. We treat you with respect and support throughout the interview process and once you join our team.


To be the leading software service provider for the medical industry with a focus on cybersecurity for embedded software & cloud applications.


Become essential to our customers and build long-term relationships by providing high-quality services to help them achieve their objectives.

Core Values

What makes us unique

Our sole business model revolves around liaising with medical device manufacturers to develop customizable and personalized software solutions for patients and medical service providers. Our experience in cybersecurity and embedded software development enables us to identify potential threats and map out effective protective models for medical device manufacturers. We demonstrate our strict compliance with the EU MDR and FDA guidance under the existing Quality System Regulations (QSR) by carrying out full standard verification and validation testing to ensure the safety and effectiveness of a medical device before its entry into the market.
We carry out threat mitigation processes by employing effective risk control measures according to the threat models of the manufacturer’s system, use case and call-flow views. Our vulnerability testing involves robustness and fuzz testing.
Our strategies help you meet regulatory requirements and our service model spans from idea initiation to market entry of your product.

Cooperation Partners

To provide our customers with the widest range of solutions and the deepest level of expertise, D.med Software counting on with the best cooperation partners to address our customers current and future challenges.

D.Med Consulting (DMC)

D.Med Consulting GmbH, our strategic partner, is a leading specialist in extracorporeal technologies and other related medical fields. From the initial idea to the finished product, they develop new suitable solutions, re-engineer existing products, and prepare market launch. DMC develops tailored solutions in cooperation with their clients.


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