D.med Software Participates in The 10th Annual Software Design for Medical Devices Conference

2 years ago
The 10th Annual Software Design for Medical Devices held in Frankfurt, Germany was a success as software and cybersecurity experts from all across Europe were in attendance. The event which spanned from the 13th-15th of September 2022, addressed the potential to increase development efficiency, how to accelerate software design for medical devices, how to prioritize both cybersecurity and clinical excellence, most innovative digital health and MedTech applications, etc. The D.med Software team was well represented by Alejandro Torres Molina and Alessandro Vitiello, the Head of Software Development and Electronics who spoke on: Utilizing the Threat Modeling Approach as a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Methodology. The session gave an in-depth insight into:
  • Understanding the general threat modeling process.
  • Application of STRIDE to medical devices.
  • Evaluating the threat exploitability by calculating the CVSS base metrics.
  • Demonstrating the approach using a realistic example of a medical device.
  We appreciate the opportunity to participate and interact with renowned experts in the field of cybersecurity, software development and regulatory compliance from France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Switzerland, among others. We look forward to attending the 11th edition of the conference!

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