10th Annual Software Design for Medical Devices Global Forum (SDMD)

2 years ago

D.med Software is pleased to announce its participation at the SDMD Conference, Europe’s Leading Event for Medical Device Software Design and Development, Regulatory Compliance and Cybersecurity. The SDMD forum is set to begin with a workshop on the 13th of September and this will be followed by conferences on the 14 and 15th of September..


D.med Software is a leading software service provider that offers innovative software & cybersecurity solutions and technologies to healthcare companies to enhance their medical devices and patient care. Our company provides complete and robust solutions from low-level firmware and embedded applications to connected mobile/desktop apps and Cloud.


Among the event’s speaker you will find our Head of Software Development and Electronics, Alessandro Vitiello who will be speaking on: Utilizing The Threat Modeling Approach As A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Methodology by 3.25pm on the 14th of September.


This talk will give in-depth insight into:


  • Understanding the general threat modeling process
  • Application of STRIDE to medical devices
  • Evaluating the threat exploitability by calculating the CVSS base metrics
  • Demonstrating the approach using a realistic example of a medical device


Please contact us with an opening in your schedule so that we can arrange a meeting:
Email: info@wordpress-315532-3293467.cloudwaysapps.com
Phone: +34 951 393 891.


See you in Frankfurt!


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