D.med Software Organizes an Exclusive Open Day for Internship Opportunities

1 year ago

D.med Software will provide an open day on October 4th 2023, for all the UMA students who are interested in joining our team as interns. Different workshops on Cybersecurity, Software and Electronic Development will take place in our office located at Calle Plaza de Toros Vieja 2, 5B, 29002, Málaga; this will be an interesting opportunity for those who want to learn more about these areas of expertise.

We will be happy to share our experience and show you our internship program. You can sign up here.

Here are our different workshops that you get to choose from:


Securing API’s – 9:30 -11 hs (UTC+2)

As more and more applications are being migrated to the cloud, the use of APIs is becoming very popular. APIs are a great way to provide access to our resources, but they also pose a significant security risk to the data we expose.

The workshop will show some basic concepts of how to secure APIs to mitigate these risks.


Electronic Design Process – 11:30 – 13 hs (UTC+2)

We will try to tackle together some of the most important phases throughout the design process, from the initial idea to the manufacture of a printed circuit board.

Throughout the presentation we will briefly walk through the process and present tools involved in the design, take a look at some examples, and give some curious details that may cause problems in the future.


Secure Boot on Embedded Devices – 14:30 – 16 hs (UTC+2)

Currently, IoT (Internet of Things), the security of embedded systems has become more crucial than ever. In this presentation, we will introduce some of the key concepts of embedded cybersecurity and explore the secure boot.

The secure boot is a process that ensures that an embedded system only boots with trusted and authenticated software and firmware. Throughout the workshop, we will discover how secure boot acts as a defense against malicious attacks and unauthorized firmware modifications using an RT1050 board as an example.


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