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We provide complete and robust web, mobile and desktop application software to enable access to medical devices information from anywhere to enhance productivity and control. Connect, store and access key medical data or medical device information by cloud technology. Software helps you to shift your medical device system to the Cloud to enable scalability, speed and security.
We map out a concise plan for the full lifecycle development of your medical application with the aim of building a user-friendly framework for different interfaces.
Our solutions are scalable, reliable, fast, customizable, and cost-efficient.

We provide the following software development services

data management

Data management

Our teams develop all kind of applications oriented to the management and storage of patient data and medical device data. We ensure data transmission and storage are done securely.
web desktop application

Web/Desktop applications for various platforms

We develop multiplatform medical applications for desktop, web and mobile. Our applications are mainly oriented to the treatment of patient data, monitoring of medical data in real time and communication management with medical device thorough different protocols. All our developments are carried out under the IEC 62304 standard and are built to run efficiently on a wide range of platforms like Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS and Android.
cloud native application

Cloud native applications

With our healthcare-focused cloud technology, you can personalize care delivery and improve interactions. By implementing cloud-native applications, your system is enhanced with DevOps capability, agility and portability.
iot integration

IoT Integration

As the number of devices connected to the internet continues to increase, so does the need for efficient IoT software that can leverage the demand. We develop an affordable, customized IoT application that can analyze unlimited volumes of data in real-time.

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